If you are in a position to switch, it can make financial sense to do so, and it seems that the appetite is there.

Before Christmas,Sean Couch of Dublin Mortgage Company ran a campaign targeting recent homebuyers, who are likely to be on high rates, and whose loan-to-value is likely to have fallen below 80 per cent thanks to recent property price rises. Of the letters he sent out, he got a 10 per cent response rate, which would be higher than your average mail drop.

Steps to switching deals

1. Current rate about to end
2. Before you make your application
3. Making your application
4. The paperwork
5. From application to completion

Our rates and offers

You can use our mortgage finder tool to view our current rates. By providing your property value, mortgage amount we can show you the deals that match.

We currently only offer fixed rate mortgages. Variable rate mortgages, which include tracker mortgages are not available.

Ways to apply

This is right for you if:

1.  You don’t need to talk to a mortgage expert
2.  You are not looking to borrow more
3.  You don’t want to make a change to your mortgage term or repayment type

All you need is your mortgage account number* and we’ll show you the deals available.

Why switch your mortgage?

There are all kinds of reasons why you should switch your mortgage to permanent tsb:

1.  Competitive interest rates
2.  1,000 towards your legal fees
3.  Dedicated mortgage advisors
4.  Approval in Principle in 15 minutes


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