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Coast to Coast Mortgage Group started in Winnipeg in 2010 and since then, has had one objective: to reliably bring you, the customer, the lowest mortgage rate possible, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re getting your money’s worth.

After successfully expanding over the course of four years, and building a larger reputation close to home with another office in Winnipeg, and a new office in Calgary, Alberta, Coast to Coast continues to provide competitive mortgage rates.

Coast to coast’s qualified, fully-trained independent brokers are a solid choice, as they strive to meet each client’s individual needs, providing residential and commercial services to find the ideal financing to fit your needs. They seek the top rates from the best possible lenders, offering the lowest possible mortgage rates every time.

Coast to Coast is the natural choice for those looking to get all the guidance they need, through all aspects of the process of obtaining a mortgage. Coast to Coast is able to assist with an assortment of processes, including financing and buying a new home, the purchase and mortgaging investment property, the refinancing of property, mortgage renewal, loans, and improvements upon purchase plans for homes that may need some renovations or a bit of work.

Coast to Coast’s Mortgage Advisers have worked with thousands of clients, to help them make the significant financial decision that is mortgaging a home, avoiding the stress that such a significant decision can involve. It’s a lot of weight off your shoulders, knowing exactly how much you can spend on a new home, with a pre-approved mortgage.

For those who may have some trouble meeting their mortgaging goals due to credit issues, Coast to Coast has a plenitude of information on how to re-establish credit, and get you back into a more positive financial situation, closer to your goals. Coast to Coast can also help save failing deals, with 100% financing and home purchasing, among many other options.

Coast to Coast leverages partnerships with an assortment of banks, trust companies, and credit unions to help you find an effortless, stress-free mortgage solution.

Home buying can be stressful, and Coast to Coast is ready to help with the many financial decisions you’ll need to make when purchasing a home. Coast to Coast offers services such as a mortgage qualifier, and several mortgage calculator utilities.

Coast to Coast’s mortgage calculator leaves nothing uncertain, and can set up an amortization schedule by year or month, so you can quickly see what kinds of interest you will pay. It can help you see all principal balances, and observe the impact of any principle pre-payments.

The calculator can also help you compare different mortgages, estimate a payoff date for your mortgage, see what kinds of mortgage you qualify for, and observe what kinds of savings await you, if you refinance a mortgage with Coast to Coast.

All mortgage forms, including the mortgage application form with which you can get started, are available in printer-friendly Adobe PDF format on Coast to Coast’s website.
Also, check out the starter guide to answer any basic questions you have about your mortgage and what work can be done with your mortgage broker.